Home Alone House Floor Plan



I just don’t know how I could begin to explain my love for this house, this movie and the impact they had on my childhood dream of living in a place where Christmas had that vibe.

I am completely in love, not because it’s a fancy house, but because there’s this  feeling in the air that is transmitted to us viewers as we watch “Home Alone”. It’s a perfect scenery that is real-life magic!

After watching it, 8 year-old-me was determined to leave her tropical country and move to a place where there’d be snow.

Researching the cover, I found it interesting to see that the title of the film in French is “Mama, I missed the plane” – which works for parts 1 and 2 of the movie. Oh, well,  who cares?

But my focus here is the house, always!

So many things have been said, written and explored in those 27 years since the movie was released, therefore it took me a long time to approach this house in a way that was interesting to me and kinda new and original. So, I made this:


The first thing I did was draw the facade! For those interested in the process or if you want to paint your own facade, you can download the outlines here, ’cause I’m not selfish.

I was pretty happy with my little house until I discovered that there were real professionals who had made a really cool poster and my drawing became a big piece of s%#@. See for yourself:

That right there is the difference between being paid to spend all day doing something and drawing things within several 10-minute intervals while sitting in the bathroom waiting for your 3-year-old daughters to do what they have to do after you’ve worked 8 hours in a cubicle. Cubicles are Satan’s creation.

Too much info?


You can see that Kevin got most of the blueprint right when he draw his little plan in the movie!

Since it’s a Christmas movie, every-single-thing in it is green and red to the extreme! Including the clothing of the extras, the packages that people carry and just basically  EVERYTHING – starting with the red-brick facade with dark green windows and white frames!

Note that as there are many windows, the unity of the curtains becomes very important. Imagine that carnival it would be to look at these windows combined if they had different colors and patterns! This happens a lot in the houses I observe walking down the street. It works from the inside, but the external visual effect is not the best! (I do LOVE it in the inside though, so maybe double curtains?)

The walls of the house have a slightly saturated green walls with dark red carpets in the hallway.

The flowers also accentuate the Christmasy combination!

Here are the screen caps I used for my drawings:

Photo 1: The corridor.

Photo 2: The stairs to the attic.

Photo 3: The upstairs bathtoom.

I did say that the house was very green and red, right?

Photo 4: The main mezzanine

Photo 5: The main corridor

Photo 6 – The hall

Photo 7: The ladder – We see other colors, but notice how even the clothes of the characters and the suitcase are always in shades of green + red + neutral. The picture on the wall manages to have the frame and the art with these colors too! It’s an extremely thorough job! it’s like these set designers are pros or something.

Photo 8: The Piano Room

Photo 9: The living room

Photo 10: The dining room


Photo 11: The view from the living room into the dining room

Photo 12: The basement

Photos 13 to 17 – The kitchen:

Photos 18 to 23 – The master bedroom: Note that since the wallpaper and the curtains are VERY heady and the furniture very elaborate, they have chosen to keep the bedding and carpets flat to balance a little. But yes, it clearly remains exaggerated – which worked perfectly for the movie.

Plaid pajamas ❤

Photos 24 and 25 – Buzz’s Room:

Photo 26 – The attic:

Photo 27 – The view of the Hall

Photos 28 and 29 – Close of the carpets and wallpaper in the living room

The exact location of the house (which was deleted from google maps probably to maintain privacy) is this here:


Even the houses around it are hard to recognize because of Google’s censorship!

I fully understand that the house is a private property … but whoever buys the “Home Alone” house – which was recently sold – should be able to figure that some touristic action would exist, right?

As soon as I win the lottery, I’ll buy this house,  and open it for exhibition, okay?

That is a promise!



The Chase House


floor plan - my so called life floor plans

As a part of my big plan to not get over the fact that the 90’s are actually over just yet (it’s going pretty well btw, guys!), I have added another item to my collection of things that cost no money and remind me of when I was 15!

I spent the past week screen-capturing scenes from “My so-called life“, in the hopes of drawing a decent floor plan for other fans like myself. I know you are out there, I have listened to your podcasts. It is a work in progress, but I wanted to share it anyway!

I am 100% not over the fact that this show has been cancelled over 20 years ago and, since we are at it, I must tell you I am probably not over Jordan Catalano yet either.


But, about the house…

The thing is, the house from “My so-called life” is perfect in many levels to me. Hopefully, this design also works for some of you! So, I’ll go over some of my favorite elements:

1. Wood and warm colours:

Before people fell in love with their clean lines, gray walls and shades of teal, there was actual warmth in their houses. I am not here to judge your gray walls, but both the set designer for my so-called life and myself agree that shades of red plus wood is a very cozy combination.

2. Furniture colour variation:

Not every piece of furniture you’ll find in this house will have  the exact same shade of walnut wood. You can actually find some white bits, like on the frames and that book shelf we see in the corner inside the office:

Also, each room has a different character. You don’t see living room references in the kitchen, for instance. They have different colours and different curtains. I think that breaks the monotony and I am all for it. Plus, I like to shop for different stuff and I get sick of things pretty easily. So, I like the excess of information and the different details in every room.

3. Blue wallpaper

This is a very personal point, actually. Wallpaper and light blue colours are my favorite choice for walls. But, at the same time, I like medium wood colours and red classic carpets and sometimes I have a hard time combining them. Luckly, the set of my so-called life has helped me see how I could combine those 3 elements.

4. The memories

I am a sucker for all things 90’s. Therefore, the office is my favourite place in this house. I like how it’s so filled with details and it also gives you the idea that these people have lived in this house for a while. It’s a pile of stuff that doesn’t necessarily go together perfectly but that was gathered over the years and maybe some of this stuff were gifts maybe… In general, it feels very real and it tells a story by itself.


So, as I started drawing the house , I discovered the set was build side by side and there were challenges:

  1. The set did not match the facade they used for the exterior, which was this one (source: iamnotastalker.com ):IMG_3282
  2. The set actually changes at least 3 times. Look at the changes on the couch:Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.15.39 PM.png

Where did the plaid go?

Also, the living room showed the TV in the corner and some ugly white and green fireplace.


I like the newer version better.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.32.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.34.23 PM


So, I used a little bit of imagination and “forced” the second floor on top of the first the best I could. I got exhausted at one point, but will for sure be digging more into this and finally drawing Patty’s bathroom! Actually, I feel like I should create Danielle’s room!


I hope you enjoy this, Mz Internet! I know I did!

floor plan - my so called life floor plans