“My so-called life”Characters minimalist vector drawings.


I am not sure how the creative process for other people work, but for me, one day I just kinda closed my eyes and this image for a minimalist drawing on Ricky (Wilson Cruz) from “my so-called life” popped into my head.


It was nothing like any drawing I had done before, but I was so in love with it, I HAD TO sit on the computer and draw it before it faded away from my brain.

After I did Ricky, the amazing Wilson Cruz came and complemented me on instagram. He always warms up my heart when he interacts with the fans and I love him so much for it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 9.59.02 PM

I thought to myself “there is absolutely no way I can actually draw the rest of the cast”. But, apparently, I could! And the response I had on facebook from the people on the “My so-called podcast” discussion group was so real and so sweet it actually made me believe that maybe I didn’t suck as much as I thought.

By the way, this blog is in no way related to the podcast, but if you are a fan of “my so-called life” and you are not listening to it, you are doing it wrong in life! Just FYI.

So, here are my drawings, I hope you enjoy them! They still need some adjustments ’cause I made them one at a time super quickly during lunch breaks and they are not the same size, but this is what I’ve got so far:

A little update*

I also turned them into facebook/twitter covers:

my so called life cover bluemysocalledlifecover



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